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Eevee breedable 4 by LilisAdoptables Eevee breedable 4 by LilisAdoptables
This eevee is part of my breedable range.
Breedables are animals or objects that can be breed with to create a litter of babies with.

You can breed your own eevee characters with this little critter or you can breed with the other other breedables i own.

I will give you a choice for the amount of babies you want in the litter :)
For each cub in the litter another 2 points will be added to the price.
Eg. if you ask for 3 cubs in the litter it will cost you 6 points for me to produce them :)

I will NOT make you a litter with more than 10 cubs in it! 10 is enough!

The cubs will look like the parents of it :)

Sadly the cubs that you dont adopt from the litter will go into adoption, you a certain amount of cubs for free depending on the amount you buy, if you want any more cubs from the litter you'll have to pay. (But will have a discount of 1 point)
if you buy:
1-2 (1 cub for free!)
3-5 (2 cubs for free!)
6-8 (3 cubs for free!)
8-10 (4 cubs for free!)

Each cub will cost only 2 points

If you have any other questions please ask :)
quiblanc Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Student General Artist
can i adopt it??
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February 6, 2013
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